Final Inspection 成品检验
1. Does factory have procedure and working instruction for Final QC Inspection?
工厂有程序和作业指导书用于 FQC检验
2. Factory QC conducts final inspection based on client-specific AQL sampling plan.
FQC实施最终检验是基于客人规定的 AQL抽样计划。
3. An approved sample or reference sample with packing list and shipping marks are available as reference for factory QC.
有批准的样板或参考样板及装箱单和装运唛头供给 FQC参考
4. Approved sample or Reference samples shall be stored in good conditions to maintain product integrity.
5. Are there formal written final inspection reports? Are they properly filed and traceable for review on quality of products?
6. Where applicable, does factory final QC performs internal mechanical/functional tests to ensure the safety of product?
如适用,工厂的 FQC实施内部机械/功能测试以确保产品的安全性
7. Where appropriate, are inspection and testing equipment used by the inspector in good condition and calibrated?
8. Failed inspections are properly corrected prior to final inspection by customer.
9. Factory does not ship goods unless subjected to release procedures from customer.