1.Does the factory have accredited Quality Management System in place with any international, national or customer quality standards association(e.g. ISO 9001, etc.)?
工厂是否有认可的 QMS?
2. Does the factory have established Quality Management System (QMS) that is clearly documented in their Quality Manual which follows ISO9001 or other International Quality Standard that is appropriate to the products they manufacture?
工厂是否建立了质量管理体系,是否按 ISO9001或其他国际质量标准要求的要求建立了文件化的质量手册,其适宜于工厂的生产的产品
3. Workers & Supervisors are familiar to these quality policies and objectives.
4. Factory has documented customer complaint system and documented recall program.
5. Factory QC team is independent from Production division.
6. Does the factory have some type of listing to identify specific defects [similar to Defect Classification List (DCL) or Critical-Major-Minor Defect List (CMM)] and is it being used in their inspections?
7. Production management and QC team discuss and work together in solving Quality issues/ concerns. (Documented)
生产部门和 QC部门是否讨论和一起工作以解决质量问题
8. Factory maintains effective traceability system that can determine immediate source from raw material to finished product.
9. Factory has systems and procedures in place to control the risk (Risk Assessment) of physical or chemical contamination that may damage/affect raw materials, process, equipment & tools, products and personnel as well.
10. Factory has proper system on material segregation to avoid accidental contamination from rejected items. These are stored in the designated Quarantine area
11.Does the factory review, determine and record the disposition of rejected raw material, i.e. Return to raw material supplier, Deviate to Use, Rework, Scrap?
12.Materials, components and accessories are properly stacked and identified with tags / labels and off the floor.
13.Chemicals and maintenance substances are properly marked and stored to prevent risk of contamination.
14.Does factory have documented REACH document control system? [ASDA requirement]
是否有文件化的 REACH 文件控制体系?[ASDA 要求]
15.If applicable, Fire Resistant (FR) foam/filling (fibers) material shall have independent test certificates,and factory properly segregate Fire Resistant Foam/Filling (fibers) Material from non Fire Resistant Foam/Filling (fib ers) Material
FOR ASDA: (Only applies for Filled Bedding manufacturer except Mattress Protector & Duvet)