Multiple names for a single site are permitted, if:
– The client has a one legal name recognized in their country and a separate trade name used for business in outside their country 该组织有一个被所在国法律上认可的名称并有另外一个名称用于在本国之外进行贸易活动。
? This is a practice in China 这在中国是一种实际情况
? Registered as same legal entity, under the same management and part of the same financial system 两个名称属于同一法律主体,相同的管理和财务系统。
Multiple names for a single site are not permitted if: 如属于以下情形不允许单一现场有多个名称:
– Two different names for the same company are used for marketing purposes in their country 在本国内,以市场的目的相同的公司使用不同的名字;
– Two legally separate organizations, even if they:两个独立的法律主体组织,即使他们:
? Operate under same roof 在一个屋檐下经营运作
? Share same management or other personnel 共享管理层或人力资源
? Share the same owner 所有人相同